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Red Klover Star pellet boiler stove installed at National Trust flat at Stackpole, Pembrokeshire

Property Type and Location

Flat within a National Trust property, coastal Pembrokeshire

Pre-existing System

The National Trust is renowned for its stunning properties and landscapes and is also well known for its commitment to renewable energy. We were delighted when the staff at Stackpole got in touch with regards to the private upstairs flat at one of their properties.

The pre-existing system was a coal fed Rayburn, which was messy and difficult to fill up daily and was hard to clean and empty.

New Biomass Solution

Whilst the National Trust staff were initially drawn to the Klover 120 we recognised quite quickly that this would be a difficult install because of the size of the stove and the location of the flat upstairs; upon chatting with the long term tenants we also realised that they never used their Rayburn as a cooker. This led us to consider the red Klover Star 14, an efficient smaller version of the popular 120.

It’s stylish and easy to use and it’s also a good size for a flat. With its own built in hopper this stove is programmable and can be set to light itself whenever warmth is needed.

New Biomass Boiler System Benefits

The Klover Star benefits the tenants particularly

  • The system is modern, automated and efficient,
  • The tenants are now not having to carry coal in to the flat daily or bring messy ash out through the building.
  • The National Trust benefits from a happier tenant, and it meets their green environmental objectives.
  • As the landlords in this scenario they will get the RHI which will be beneficial to them as a charity.

The problem – hard work to heat the flat using dirty coal

Because the tenants weren’t using their Rayburn for cooking on and they were on the first floor the chore of bringing coal up to their flat daily was unpleasant and time consuming, they only needed the system to heat their flat and hot water effectively.

Carrying the coal upstairs daily and bringing the ash out weekly was a precarious and heavy task that no-one looked forward to.

Also the fuel was coal, a fossil fuel that the National Trust is moving away from in all their properties. They have a progressive agenda on installing renewables at many of their properties so an inefficient coal Rayburn was not what they desired.

Considerations – location, location, location

The flat was on the first floor and in a difficult location. Bringing up a large stove would have been difficult and probably would have involved removing a window, it was also unnecessary.

The solution

The Klover Star is physically smaller than the 120 and only 12 KW, making it the perfect size for the flat. A larger boiler range such as the Klover 120 was more than they needed.

Sizing the stove to efficiently heat the space will save you money in fuel and potentially in capital outlay.

Benefits – rapid return on investment through the RHI and a cleaner, easier, sustainable heating system

The heating system will pay for itself through the RHI rapidly, which is great for the charity.

The real benefits, however, will be felt by the tenants who will see a reduction in labour, bags of the clean pellets can be stored in the flat ending the daily chore of fetching the coal and the clean burning fuel will see very little ash waste, also the stove heats the radiators and water efficiently – giving them a cosy home.

Klover Brochure (please read from page 22) Brochure

Installation Images

courtyard-at-national-trust-property-stackpole-pembrokeshire-including-flats original-coal-rayburn-stove-in-stackpole pellet-stove-klover-star tank at Stackpole linking-into-the-existing-radiators tank-at-stackpole-national-trust courtyard-at-national-trust-property-stackpole-pembrokeshire
Round the back of the flats at Stackpole

Inset wood pellet boiler in former farmhouse in Salem, Carmarthenshire

Property Type and Location

3-bedroom stone farmhouse with a cavity wall extension and double glazing, near Salem in Carmarthenshire.

Pre-existing System

The house and hot water was heated using a multifuel room heater with a back boiler, linked to radiators and a domestic hot water tank, with an additional electric immersion heater.

The system was inefficient and labour intensive resulting in a very cold house.

New Biomass Solution

Birds’ Hill Biomass replaced the log burner with a beautiful Klover inset wood pellet boiler/room heater to provide automated heating and hot water.

This was a cost effective solution as it required limited changes to the existing heating and hot water system.

New Biomass Boiler System Benefits

  • System paid for* by the Domestic RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive)
  • Index linked income circa £1,000 per annum
  • A toasty warm home fueled by clean green (low emission) wood pellets

The problem – an inefficient and demanding log burner

Despite their best efforts to operate their multi fuel room heater and back boiler, Mike and Tina Williams just weren’t getting enough heat to warm their new home. Over their first winter, they tried different types of fuel but there was little change in the warmth produced by their heating system. As well as being inefficient, the burner was hard work to run – Mike and Tina had to manually light the fire with matches and ensure that the log supply was constantly topped up for regular re-fuelling. They were disappointed that they had to put so much effort into operating their log burner and yet still had a cold house!!

Considerations – renewable or non-renewable energy for heating the home?

Tina and Mike considered a variety of options for upgrading their heating system, including switching to an oil or LPG system. The couple recognised the financial advantages of the Renewable Heat Incentive – a UK scheme which pays home owners and businesses to generate heat through sustainable energy sources instead of non-renewable fuels such as oil and gas. They considered which types of biomass boilers would be suitable for a house with an existing wet radiator system and had to choose between a utility biomass boiler (wood logs or wood pellet) located in an outhouse or an upgraded version of their existing system.

Recommended Solution – Klover inset wood pellet boiler

Having discussed the range of options with Birds’ Hill Biomass Director, Nick Cater, they decided on the Klover FP 22 inset wood pellet biomass boiler and room heater. The big advantage of this sleek and stylish boiler was that it could be engineered into the existing fireplace and work with the existing systems. Not only was this elegant model more efficient and much easier to run, its ability to link into the existing pipework meant that installation works and costs would be kept to a minimum.

The installation process – a complete service from Birds’ Hill Biomass

The Birds’ Hill Biomass team, based in Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, took care of the entire installation process, from the preparatory building works, to commissioning the new system and talking their clients through the Renewable Heat Incentive application process.

Firstly, Bredan Klein-Breteler, Nick’s business partner, removed the existing boiler, then the fireplace was opened up and the chimney lined. Next a (strong!) team delivered the boiler into the lounge. Once in position it was connected to the existing wet system (radiator pipework and domestic hot water tank), the new flue and the electrical system. The wood pellet boiler was commissioned and the entire system was tested before a new fireproof surround was built to integrate the boiler into the existing chimney breast. Firepower Heating (the UK Klover distributor of Biomass boilers) supplied a structural fireboard for this work.

Finally, Nick completed the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) paperwork, essential for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) application that was duly completed on-line and in time.

The result – a warm home paid for by the Renewable Heat Incentive

Tina and Mike now have the toasty, warm home they were longing for, as well as an annual income of £2,800 per year from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Their beautiful new Klover FP wood pellet boiler and all the associated installation works will be fully paid for by the RHI over seven years, in quarterly instalments. The couple’s new automated and efficient wood pellet boiler provides all the heat and hot water they need, is much easier and cleaner to use and is already providing a fantastic return on investment.

Customer comment

“Sincere thanks to you and Brendan. You’ve certainly delivered what you promised and generally looked after us and been generous with your time.   We are pleased with the boiler and although we are still looking forward to summer we know when winter comes we are going to be snug and warm.  Good luck to you both and we’ll keep in contact.”

Klover Brochure (please read from page 26) Brochure

Installation Images

original-fire chimney-at-salem klover-inset-boiler-salem-carmarthenshire pellets Klover-inset-pellet-stove-sq
Klover Inset stove in place